Alternative Dispute Resolution Options For Divorce

You have decided upon divorce, but you intend to avoid the messy, stressful and expensive route. Mediation and collaborative divorce are alternative methods that may fit your needs. Mediation and collaborative law may offer less combative and less expensive options for divorce. In typical divorce settlement or litigation, two attorneys put forth their client's position for the best outcome for their client. In mediation, we work together to find an amicable solution for you and your spouse. In collaboration, each client has an attorney and we all work toward a resolution that works for the family and their individual lives. We try to normalize the situation as best as we can, with the least traumatic outcome for all.

What Is The Difference Between Mediation And Collaboration?

Divorce mediation focuses on dispute resolution facilitated by a neutral third party, in order to find solutions that benefit both spouses. As your mediator, I am an unbiased guide, helping you and your spouse come to an agreement over your separation of assets and property. With over three decades in family law, I understand the intricacies of asset division and can help even complex divorce proceedings end in settlement through mediation. I will help you understand the process and can provide you with options.

In collaborative divorce, each spouse will have their own lawyer who is trained in collaborative divorce. As your representative, I will advocate for your best interests, and the parties and counsel will work through several sessions with a focus on negotiation.

Why Choose Me?

Unlike many collaborative attorneys and attorneys who mediate, I actually am in the courtroom all of the time. I know what happens every day as I step into the courtroom with the Family and Supreme Court judges. I know how they decide, why they do, what happens when a mediated or collaborative agreement ends up in court and why.

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It is difficult to determine the best path when facing one of the biggest decisions of your life. I will help you understand if mediation, collaboration, settlement or litigation will be your best option. Call Fulop Law in White Plains, New York, to schedule an appointment today. You can reach Fulop Law at 914-948-0945 or fill out our online contact form.