Solve Child Custody Disputes With Parenting Coordination

Your child is your priority. Therefore, it is easy to get caught up in emotional and even hostile custody battles. It can be difficult to find a common ground that works between your busy lives. A parenting coordinator can facilitate parenting conflicts to find an outcome that benefits both parties.

As a seasoned parenting coordinator and family law attorney, I am experienced in high-conflict child custody and visitation issues. I can help you decide on custody agreements and help interpret orders of the court. It is a cost-effective and peaceful way to deal with the ever-changing needs and challenges of raising children. In the end, your child comes first. I will always help you make decisions with this in mind. Together we will create a plan that works for both parents' schedules and benefits your child.

Joint custody agreements require both parents to work together. I will use dispute resolution methods to help each party listen and cooperate. As an experienced trial lawyer, I am skilled in negotiation. I help to obtain cooperation or in some cases, with the parties' agreement, make the determination of issues regarding custody.

How Will The Parenting Coordination Process Work?

During our initial consultation, you will explain your goals and your obstacles to co-parenting. Once you have retained my services, we will hold a series of meetings. I will facilitate the conversation to let both parties discuss their needs and frustrations. You will have a space to speak your mind and coordinate efforts to understand each other.

I will ask a series of questions to help you determine or interpret your already formulated custody and visitation schedule. We will discuss your child's needs, your work schedules, important holidays, family events and everything in between. Together I will help you create a parenting plan that works, or modify it as needed. When future disputes arise, I will be available to discuss a solution.

Schedule A Parenting Coordination Consultation Right Away

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