Child Support And Enforcement

Child support discussions are stressful but necessary in child custody cases. It is important to have financial support for your child's needs such as food, health insurance, medical care, child care and everyday essentials. These expenses add up and can be burdensome for one parent to handle alone. As an experienced child support lawyer, I can guide you through the process and explain the possible outcomes.

In New York, child support is based upon a formula which considers both parties income. The amount of child support varies with the amount of children. It can be a flexible process with the guidance of an experienced attorney. Child support can be designed to accommodate the family, and can vary from the New York state child support statute. You may choose to negotiate the agreement or it can be decided through a court proceeding.

Create An Effective And Fair Child Support Agreement

With over 35 years of experience in the family and Supreme courts, I am a skilled courtroom representative and negotiator. I can help you attain and enforce a child support agreement or settlement inside or outside the courtroom. I can help you come to an agreement through more private methods, such as mediation or collaboration.

It is important to have knowledgeable guidance to facilitate child support agreements or to represent you in court. I am in the courts every day, and understand the workings of an effective agreement. Without legal representation, a small mistake can end up costing one party a large sum of money in the end. I can help you determine and enforce a child support agreement with important considerations in mind, such as college.

While it is important to establish an accurate child support agreement, it is never permanent. Major life or job changes can warrant a child support agreement modification. If your change in job or relocation affects your child custody agreement, then I can also help with child custody modifications.

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