Modifying Child Custody For Relocation

When one parent moves to another city or state, it will likely affect child custody and parenting time. At Fulop Law, I offer experienced courtroom representation, or I can help you achieve a modification through services as a mediator, collaborative lawyer or in settlement services. After over three decades in family law and raising five children of my own, I understand the value of finding a peaceful decision outside of the courtroom. I can walk you through an agreement that works for both parties.

While mediation is a first choice, it is not always practical. If an agreement cannot be found between both parties, then matters must be settled in court. The New York Courts review the child custody order and relocation circumstances when a custodial parent requests to move with their child. Many changes may be addressed in court, depending upon the circumstances of the move. The judge may suggest that you:

  • Reset visitation expectations for the noncustodial parent
  • Change visitation schedules
  • Modify the custody agreement

The judge's decision will depend on several factors, including your interests. Most importantly, the court will determine what is best for your child. As an experienced family law attorney, I will advocate on your behalf in court.

Find An Amicable Solution Outside Of The Courtroom With A Parenting Coordinator

As a certified parenting coordinator, I can help you reach an agreement outside of the courtroom. I am highly skilled in mediation between high-conflict families. I will help facilitate a conversation to achieve cooperation from both parties. In the end, I will keep your child's best interests in mind. We will discuss many factors in order to find an amicable decision between parties. During our meetings, I will ask questions, including:

  • Why do you or why does the custodial parent need to relocate?
  • How will the move impact your child emotionally, economically, educationally and in their overall lifestyle?
  • Does your child have other close family relationships in New York?

Schedule A Consultation To Discuss Your Family Law Needs

If you are facing a relocation, then it is important to promptly discuss child custody issues with a lawyer. Big changes and decisions may be in order so it will be best to leave adequate time to plan. Contact my staff today in White Plains, New York, to schedule a consultation. Reach Fulop Law at 914-948-0945, or schedule an appointment online.