Legal Guidance For Child Custody Agreements And Litigation

The child custody process is often difficult for parents. Parents only wish the best for their children; and therefore will fight to achieve it. As a highly experienced child custody lawyer and a parent of five children, I offer experienced and compassionate legal representation to help you achieve a satisfactory agreement through mediation, settlement or litigation.

I offer multifaceted family law services as a mediator, collaborative lawyer and litigator. I am in the courts every day and understand what constitutes as a sound agreement. Litigation can be painful and expensive. I can help you reach an agreement outside of the courtroom. Alternative dispute resolution methods may offer more private and amicable solutions for parents. If you are working through a high-conflict situation, then litigation may be the only option. I am available as your skilled legal representative in the New York Courts.

The child custody agreement or litigation will determine legal, physical/residential, sole or joint custody of your child. Legal custody gives you authority to make important decisions in your child's life. Physical/residential custody dictates where your child lives. Parents may be granted sole legal and/or be granted the right to be the primary residential parent. Some situations which warrant sole custody include when one parent wishes to relocate or when they do not have a suitable at-home living situation for a child. Child custody orders are never permanent. Major life or job changes can warrant a child custody modification.

Joint Child Custody Agreements Can Be Challenging

Many parents choose joint custody. Joint custody gives both parents an opportunity to make decisions about their child's life and provide a home for them. This is why it is important to create a great parenting plan. A detailed parenting plan will include instructions for your child's medical preferences, pickup and drop-off times and locations, extracurricular activities, education, religion and more. I am trained to facilitate high-conflict parenting disputes and can help you create a parenting plan that works. At Fulop Law, we will work through conflicts to find a solution that benefits your child.

Schedule An Appointment For Child Custody Assistance

I have been practicing as a family law attorney for over 35 years. I understand the common issues that parents must face. Schedule a consultation to begin discussing your child custody needs right away. You can reach my office in White Plains, New York, at 914-948-0945 or fill out the online contact form.