Parenting Coordination-What is It

In high-conflict divorce situations, sometimes mediation is ineffective or inappropriate as a method of resolution, as the parents are unable to agree on decisions for their child or children. In these instances, having a parenting coordinator is the best option. A parenting coordinator is a licensed mental health professional or an attorney with parenting coordination training who is focused on creating a resolution that is best for the child.

Why do I need it?

The parenting coordinator is a neutral third party, meaning he or she does not represent either spouse. Rather, the parenting coordinator's sole interest lies in implementing a parenting plan, focusing on the needs of the child and creating the best environment for the child.

The parenting coordinator often makes temporary parenting decisions on behalf of the child when the parents are unable to agree. This alleviates the stress on the child, relieving him/her of having to make decisions or choosing one parent over the other. The parenting coordinator's main goal is to create a conflict-free relationship between the parents, giving the child or children a stress-free adjustment post-divorce.

What actually happens during a session?

Parents come into a session with an unresolved problem or set of problems

Could be things that are going on day to day in separate houses, like autistic child who needs to brush teeth every day (routines)

We can't agree on vacation times

Parenting coordinator also meets the child, really representing the needs of the children

This is different from mediation, which is not always child centric

Parenting is only about parenting and how to take two people in separate houses and make them successful parents

Can be post separation, doesn't have to be

Helping parents through parental decisions incident to a divorce

Could be unmarried people that are raising a child together in a household or separately in homes

People who need help coordinating development of child (emotional,

Unified decision on anything that affects the child

Parents come without lawyers and meet with the parenting coordinator

Fill out questionnaires

Parenting coordinator will usually meet with the parties individually, as well as the child

Subsequent sessions as the parenting coordinator sees fit, either together or separately

Try to get everyone on the same page

If the parenting coordinator is permitted to be the tie breaker and make a deicison, the parties can sign an agreement that states the parenting coordinator can make a decision following a dispute

How do I get one?

Call our office! Candi J. Fulop Esq. is trained in mediation and is a licensed parenting coodinator. She has attended conferences?