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Candi Fulop Family Law AttorneyDivorce is painful and exhausting. It can be easier with the right lawyer. At Fulop Law, we focus on alternate paths to separation, not just moving straight to litigation. Rather, we practice mediation and collaborative law, focus on positive communication, and keeping separation amicable for the sake of the kids.
Based on the variety of my own personal and professional experiences in various aspects of the legal profession, I have been able to develop a unique perspective and approach to law - whether by mediation, collaboration, or even litigation. It has proven to be comprehensive and very successful.
For example, understanding the interests of the parties is paramount in order to effectuate a mutually agreeable result. This includes creating and fostering a positive communications environment and having finely tuned listening skills. Accordingly, I encourage the parties and other professionals I am working with to communicate their specific issues to me in any way they deem appropriate. I work with conflict and continually seek my clients' input throughout the process. We work as a team to get to the end game.
These same skills are helpful to me in my work as a Parenting Coordinator, where the parties need help communicating or deciding issues.
I gain my client's trust and confidence, particularly because of my life experience as a single, working parent of five children for much of my adult life. I have lived through the difficulties of being a single, working mom who made the pasta, took the children to the dentist, and awoke at 5am to wash baseball uniforms. I was also there to feed them, help complete homework, empty backpacks, and kiss them goodnight at the end of each day.
I also understand the trials and tribulations of the single dad, who must earn a living to pay his obligations, support and raise his children, and, perhaps, suffers from not seeing them as much as he would like to, due to work schedule. I understand the devastation of a child who does not have a full-time parent in his or her life and how necessary it is to encourage a parent to persevere and "be there" to reap the satisfaction of his or her labor.