About Fulop Law And My Mission

Fulop Law has provided compassionate legal services to families in White Plains, and throughout Westchester County, New York, since 1981. As the founding attorney, my scope of experience and passion in matrimonial law sets Fulop Law apart as a law firm committed to your two-family household solution. I offer parenting coordination, mediation, collaboration, settlement and litigation services.

My Mission: Personal And Accessible Family Law Services

As you work through difficult life changes, you will need a lawyer who understands your problems, who will listen and guide you to a better place. You will need a legal advocate with the knowledge and experience to create a personalized answer for your future. As your chosen family law attorney, I will be your partner through all aspects of divorce, including child custody and support.

My mission is to provide personal and accessible family law services to all of my clients. Your problems do not cease on evenings or weekends, which is why you need more than an attorney who confines communication from Monday to Friday. My office is always available for any family law issue. You get one-on-one legal counsel with me. I want you to develop a relationship with my firm. Barbara will answer your call, make your appointments and get you all your documents. I will help you reach your goals. Read the attorney biography below to learn more about my credentials.

Why Is This My Mission?

I provide individually developed family law solutions for all my clients because I understand the challenges that they face. I have personally been through more than one tough divorce. I raised five amazing children while working full-time. I persevered through health issues, money constraints and getting my children through college. I personally understand the struggles of mental and physical illness of family members. I am a cancer survivor and private practice owner.

These life obstacles lit a passion in me for helping other families resolve their conflicts in the most peaceful way possible. My knowledge, life and professional experience will help you move forward with a happy and peaceful future.

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